Sunday, 11 March 2012

March postcard swap

Here's my postcard for the March swap on UK Stampers, on the theme of "Windows".

I really struggled to think of any ideas this month, but had a brainwave early this morning, as I tossed and turned after the alarm went off when it shouldn't have.  "Windows", as in 7.  I hope Bill Gates wont mind!

I've used my own photos that I took last Summer, while I was cruising on my boat.  I snapped the gorgeous sunset while I was anchored in the River Roach, and it is the "wallpaper" on my desktop.  The tiny photos are of fishing smacks and Thames barges racing in the Colne Match at the beginning of September.  These photos are a little wobbly, as I took them with one hand, whilst controlling my dinghy's outboard engine with the other, trying the keep the dinghy in the same place despite the wind and tide, and trying to keep the boats in shot.  Not an easy job at all!

I made the mock icons using the clever "shapes" tool on Serif Craft Artist, and some of the embellishments in the digikits that came with my software.  The icons at the left and the big photo were printed out as one image.  The blue-green strip at the bottom is a separate image, including its mock icons and mock date and time, and I stuck it onto the card afterwards.  I stamped the word "start", rather than using an icon, so that I could include some stamping!!!  Each of the little "windows" was assembled in Craft Artist, then printed out onto little computer-printable labels, and stuck onto the main print.  I resorted to gobbledygook for the text in the little "windows", because I hadn't a clue what to write.

I intend to put some sort of sealer on my postcard, as it will be posted "naked", but I decided to wait until I had done the photographs, in case I had a problem with the shine.  It took 8 photos, indoors and out, and 4 useless scans to get 1 usable picture!  It's that blue-green colour again, that I had problems with on my Mermaid art doll!  I just don't learn!!!!  The colours in the sunset and the little photos are very close to the original, but everything else is much too green.


  1. Fab take on the theme - really original!

  2. Really original interpretation. Bet bill would be chuffed :-)

  3. Great take on the theme Christine! That sunset is fabulous! x